Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm Back! For Real This Time :)

Okay, so the squalor is at a manageable level again to a point where we can function in the home. When I say "squalor" it really isn't *that* bad, but it's how I felt in the house. A few days of dedicated cleaning really helped to get things ready to be maintained. Now there are quite a few things that still need to be done, of course, but those will be my weekly projects. For example, my bedroom needs a deep, down-to-the-bones cleaning. So does the computer room. But at this point, things are, in fact, manageable. And let me tell you... I am psyched!

This is how my house looks right this second. No, it's not perfect. But it's getting there, which is the point of this project. I even semi-passed my "oh no someone just rang the doorbell unexpectedly!" test. No, the house wasn't ideal. Yes, I was embarassed a little. But you know what? It wasn't horrifyingly gross.

So as you can see, we got a new couch. If I had picked it out and paid more than nothing for it (it was free!), it definitely wouldn't be in this color. I'm currently searching for a couch cover but it will do for now. I am finally able to use my beloved brown chairs for something other than clothes, though you will notice that the yucky recliner is now holding a bunch of clothes. That's something that is very difficult for me to not sink back into the habit of doing! Anyway, my oldest tore down the big curtain rod the other day and we're working on getting it back up at some point. I do need to move them off of the other chair though.

So what did we do with the old couch? Well, it's been put to good use. It's now in the "play room." I feel like it gives the room a little more purpose, and the boys love having it in there! Plus, it's great for hiding toys. Their tents, swords, and a bunch of other toys fit nicely behind the couch. I have their art table set up now where they can actually use it, and then we have the toy storage thing in the other corner (still no curtain up there yet lol). See that big bin of toys? All the toys in it and around it are finding a new home, whether it's the church nursery or a donation box somewhere, they're out of here! AND I'm not even CLOSE to finished with the purging process.

Oh! I just found a semi-recent "before" picture of the playroom. It was a DISASTER!

Bottom line is that things are changing. I started off strong but then got depressed that I was doing this alone and stopped. My husband had been working very long shifts (holidays and inventory... yuck!) and coming home only to drop dead asleep in bed. I would get home from work and feel extremely overwhelmed with everything. I think this surprise week off for "snowmagedon" or "snopocalypse" really helped me to get motivated again!

Oh, and for kicks here are some snow pictures from the 50" of snow we got last week!

Storm 1:

Storm 2:

This is usually a steep (but not cliff-like dangerous) incline. It's a very gradual slope now lol!)

Do you see how the car is covered part way up the yellow part of it? It's one of those little tyke cars and, believe it or not, that's in the shallow-ish section of our back yard where the wind has blown a lot of the snow onto the other side!
(P.S. I hope to be posting at least every other day, so make sure to start checking back again for updates!)


  1. "oh no someone just rang the doorbell unexpectedly!" test.

    Oops that was me, wasn't it. My mom really didn't teach me any manners. I'm learning as I go along. Promise I'll call first next time.


  2. LOL Yes it was you, but really it's fine! You wouldn't believe it but my husband and I got all of the junk out of here... no bin of toys, no Christmas decorations, no upside down bookcase.. it's all gone :)