Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Question

What type of person are you?

If you have the next day off, do you say "hey, I have tomorrow off... I'll clean then!" or "hey, I have tomorrow off... let's get stuff done today and then I can relax tomorrow!"

Well I have today (Saturday, which is almost over) off and tomorrow there is no church because of the snow, so have I been busting tail today? No. I haven't. I did a few loads of dishes and a load of laundry and took the kids out in the snow for a bit to shovel, but that was it. Nothing else. ALL DAY LONG! What is wrong with me?? I can't even remember what I did all day. I didn't sit on the computer or watch a ton of television. I played with the kids a lot, cooked dinner, and really that's about it.

I looked at the clock at 5pm and had no idea where the time went!

Here's to a better tomorrow, filled with much needed cleaning. I'll go ahead and post my goals for tomorrow:
  1. Clean the computer room and then move the toys upstairs

  2. Straighten our bedroom

  3. Clean the downstairs

So, only three things, right? Yeah.... RIGHT! Those three things contain a whole lot of cleaning. Here's a picture of the computer room that will become the playroom... and it's not even a very good picture. I took it when I first started the blog to have to look back on if I ever decided to work on it. So, yeah, it's a bit worse now.

Well the vacuum isn't there anymore but replacing it is a bunch of Christmas decorations that need put away. You also can't see my desk, which is on the right side of the room. I need the desk brought downstairs and the elliptical rolled into our master bedroom, and everything else still needs a home.

So... here's to a productive tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE your paint colour! We're going to be doing one of our rooms in that same colour!

  2. I don't want this to sound harsh, as I can see you are genuinely trying to change, but do the people who order cakes from you ever see your home? I can't imagine buying a food product from a place where the drain is full of old food and cereal is dried on a table. This is why I can't buy from farmer's markets and bake sales lol. keep up the good work!

  3. Anon you're completely right. I don't make cakes when the house is like this for that very reason. I haven't even had a cake order in a while, and I haven't taken any because I know it's disgusting to cook like this. Cake orders mean cleaning the house top to bottom so that there isn't a chance of contamination.

    That's one of the reasons I want my house to be clean and for us to keep it clean... I can take more cake orders and be able to do something that I love!